Little Music Makerz

Little Music Makerz Presents Kindermusik

Broadway Starz

Ages 7 to 11

Beginner or intermediate who wants a “fun focused” class. This class teaches the basics of singing, dancing, and acting plus performing in a musical.

Broadway Starz
Sep 13, 2022 - Nov 1, 2022
Every Tuesday
07:30 PM
Ages 7 - 11
45 minutes
Kitchener, ON
260.00 CAD

Sherri Stuebing

Sherri Stuebing

My background is filled with musical experience, from playing piano, flute and percussion, to teaching private and group piano, and most recently singing Tenor in my ladies barbershop quartet. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English and Music Education as well as experience teaching Kindergarten overseas. I started participating in Kindermusik as a Mom, and I have enjoyed participating in classes with my two children Isabella and Riley. As a strong supporter of the Kindermusik program from Day 1, I strongly believe in the Kindermusik philosophy and have been teaching since 2011. I welcome the opportunity to enlighten other young minds musically as an instructor., and am enthusiastic to bond with current and new families this semester.

Little Music Makerz Presents Kindermusik

Early exposure to music is at the heart of the Kindermusik Series. Children experience a rich assortment of musical activities within a secure environment without the pressure to perform. Kindermusik is based on the beliefs that every child is musical, every parent is the child’s most important teacher, the home is the most important learning environment, and that music has the ability to nurture a child’s cognitive, emotional, social, language and physical development. Every child deserves to experience the joy, fun, and learning, which Kindermusik brings to life! Welcome to Little Music Makerz Presents Kindermusik in Kitchener, Ontario!

KW Performing Arts Collective
133 Manitou Dr.
Kitchener, ON N2C 1L4

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