Wildwood Mennonite Church (Acadia Drive)

Prelude Singers Grade 5-8

Ages 10 to 14


Prelude Singers is open to anyone in Grades 5-8 (or the ages of 10-14) who loves to sing. No audition or previous music training is required. Singers will learn basic musical notation, solfege, singing in parts, and good vocal habits all while making music together and having fun!

Prelude Singers Grade 5-8
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Join Anytime
Every Tuesday
06:30 PM
Ages 10 - 14
30 minutes
Saskatoon, SK

Miss Leanne

Miss Leanne

Miss Leanne loves making music of all kinds! She started with piano lessons, then singing, then guitar... and just keeps adding to the list (she is currently learning bagpipes!). Leanne is a Music Therapist who also has degrees in piano performance and psychology. She can't wait to make music with you!

Prelude Studios - Wildwood Mennonite Church (Acadia Drive)

Wildwood Mennonite Church is located at 1502 Acadia Drive.

Special Directions

Please use the door by the parking lot to enter.