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Kindermusik with Sarah Studio

Young Child taster session

Ages 4 to 7
07981 756820

Join us for a taster session aimed at school aged children (4-7 years old) and their parents.

Young Child taster session
Please contact the studio for registration information.
Sep 3, 2022
10:00 AM
Ages 4 - 7
60 minutes
Reading, Be
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Sarah has been a musician for as long as she can remember! After starting to play the recorder at infant school, she went on to study the violin at 7 years old and then took up the clarinet at secondary school. Sarah went on to gain a first class honours degree in music from the University of Bristol before embarking on a career in librarianship. Music has always been a major part in Sarah''s life as she has continued to play clarinet with two local orchestras and various chamber groups in the Reading area. Since giving up work to look after her two young boys, Sarah now spends her time juggling her own musical activities with those of her husband (a cellist!) and children. She first came across Kindermusik with her eldest son at pre-school and both boys regularly attended group music sessions. Sarah enjoys teaching her sons piano and the sound of bongos, mini violins and singing (amongst other things!) can frequently be heard around the house.

Kindermusik With Sarah - Kindermusik with Sarah Studio

In every Kindermusik class, you’re welcomed into a playful and nurturing environment where your child will experience music of varying styles, genres, and cultures.They’ll interact with other children and engage in movement, rhythm, and vocal activities that develop far more than just music skills.Our approach to early childhood education and award-winning, research-based, and developmentally appropriate curricula prime children for success in school and in life.

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