Keith Street Ministries

Level 4

Ages 4 to 6.5

Recurring Class

Not quite ready for music lessons? Level 4 classes help build a foundation for formal music instruction. Children explore basic music symbols and more complex instruments, and master concepts that boost learning in other subjects.

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45 minutes
Every Tuesday
Join Anytime
01:30 PM
4 - 6.5yrs
Cleveland, TN
$85 for 5 weeks instruction (home materials included)

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Kindermusik Level 4

Level 4 classes focus on basic musical symbols, complex instruments, and more in-depth movement games. Children begin to master new music terms and concepts, and ready themselves for math, reading, and writing.

  • Language and Literacy
    Children increase phonological awareness, focused attention, communication skills, and vocabulary.
  • Cognitive
    The connections in the brain that are used to integrate new learning, make decisions, and think critically are strengthened.
  • Musical Skills
    Children show increased pitch accuracy when singing and gain a better understanding of rhythm patterns.
Mrs. Missy

Mrs. Missy

Melissa Dasher is a graduate of the Lee University School of Music where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Performance in 1998. She has over 18 years professional experience in the music field. Melissa and her husband, Joshua, have been the Worship Leaders at Keith Street Ministries since 2001 where Melissa directs the Sanctuary Choir, 2 Musical Ensembles, and the Dinner Theatre program. Melissa also has participated regularly in the Nashville Music Group’s “Songwriter’s Night.” She has taught private voice for over 7 years and received her Kindermusik license in 2014.

Kindermusik with Dee - Keith Street Ministries

Keith Street Ministries is the church right next to Logan's Roadhouse Classes here are taught by "Mrs. Missy" (Melissa Dasher) Welcome to 'Kindermusik with Dee' at Keith Street Ministries. We welcome you and your child into a clean, safe learning environment where families feel loved, respected, and nurtured. Special attention is given to help you find the perfect class to best meet your family's needs. Every class is complete with just the right amount of developmental stimulation, musical exploration, and simply joyful moments. You and your child will have a blast creating special memories and learning something new in each class. Kindermusik will become your "Happy Place."