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Powerful music and movement curricula for dual language learners in international settings

How does musical play boost dual language acquisition and processing?

Research shows listening to music and processing language activate similar areas of the brain, enhancing the auditory and cognitive abilities that play a role in second language acquisition.

Kindermusik’s curriculum kits for international schools are results-driven, user-friendly for teachers of all backgrounds, and a joyful way to help children grasp and master dual language concepts.

It’s easy to implement and fun for everyone.

Less time planning. More time learning.

Our international school kits are designed to give teachers the resources they need to lead a stress-free, effective class, while providing families rich resources to keep the learning going at home:

Pre-planned lessons

Step-by-step teacher guides

Age-appropriate instruments and props

Robust online teacher assets (like training videos and in-kind development logs)

Supportive audio (allows teachers to participate and observe)

Virtual-friendly class content

On-the-go musical resources for rituals and routines

Engaging at-home resources for families (like our free app)

Optional in-person or virtual product training

1:1 and Small International School Kits

From newborns to older toddlers, our 1:1 and small group research-based kits contain high-quality, age-appropriate songs, instruments, props, and books to foster all-domain learning while providing a jumpstart to dual language processing and acquisition.

Happy Baby, Happy Day

(Ages 0-1)

With a peek-a-boo-themed board book and scarf, and exciting first instruments, this kit makes early language learning fun. The 80-page illustrated activity book also makes intentional musical play easy, any time of the day.

Ready, Set, Play

(Ages 1-3)

This toddler-centered kit is designed to help little ones get their wiggles out to the beat. In the meantime, teachers and families have user-friendly resources to encourage meaningful all-domain learning through powerful musical play.

TunedIn Foundations

(Ages 0-18 months)

Babies love to coo and bounce to the beat of TunedIn. Board books, baby-safe instruments, 10-minute activities, English/Spanish family leave-behinds, and more, give educators everything they need to kickstart early language acquisition milestones.

TunedIn Level 1

(Ages 1-2 years)

Young toddlers shake, giggle, and groove to this kit. Rhymes and stories catapult early dual language vocabulary, activities nurture early self-regulation, and leave-behinds in English and Spanish supply families with resources for continued musical play.

TunedIn Level 2

(Ages 2-3)

Older toddlers’ imaginations soar with Tuned Level 2. Instruments like rhythm sticks spotlight fine motor and early math skills, while exploratory play and engaging at-home resources (available in Spanish) take expressive dual language skills to new heights.

Medium to Large International School Kits

From early toddlers to kindergarteners, our Levels 1-4 and Mixed-Age Classroom Kits help you spark whole-child development through high-quality music and movement instruction. Available in 9- and 12-unit options, these kits are meant to bend and flex with your day, whether you’re leading dedicated musical play or need support for transitions like naptime.

Level 3 Curriculum Kit

(Ages 3-5)

Help your 3-5-year-olds hit all the right developmental notes with language-building visuals, age-appropriate instrument play, and more. Spanish translations available for interactive digital activities and physical home materials.
*In-person or virtual product training available.

Level 4 Curriculum Kit

(Ages 4-6)

Your 4-6-year-olds will love these musical play units that lean heavily into social-emotional growth. From instrument exploration to storytime, you’ll have everything you need to smooth and strengthen their dual language proficiency.
*In-person or virtual product training available.

Trusted. Aligned. And family-focused.

Kindermusik International School Kits are research-proven and align with global educational standards, ensuring teachers and families have access to engaging, user-friendly tools to promote long-term growth for everyone.

Independent Research

From social-emotional growth to mathematics achievement, see how participation in Kindermusik improved early milestones.

Dive In

Kindermusik's curriculum kits align with US Common Core, the UK EYFS, the IB, and several other state and national standards for early-childhood learning.

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Family Engagement

Our easy-to-use digital activities, streamable class music, and free Kindermusik app (text in English and Spanish) make family involvement fun.

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