We believe in the power of music.
We share it to change the world.

Our history, vision, values, and career opportunities

Where we started and where we’re going…

In the late 60s, musician and educator, Dan Pratt, discovered a successful music program in Germany that empowered young children to express themselves creatively, while hitting major developmental milestones. He saw families coming back to it again and again, and knew his calling was to build on what he learned and share it around the world. In 1978, he introduced the first Kindermusik class, and the rest is musical history.

  • 1978 numerical illustration on timeline. About Kindermusik’s first class.

    The first Kindermusik early childhood music and movement classes (under the company, Music Resources) are shared with children and their families.

  • 2002 numerical illustration on timeline. About Kindermusik becoming a 100% employee-owned company.

    Employees purchase Kindermusik International from its investors to create a 100% employee-owned company.

  • 2005 numerical illustration on timeline. About Kindermusik expanding curricula offerings to schools.

    Kindermusik expands offerings to schools and learning centers, followed by digital resources for teachers and families.

  • 2020 numerical illustration on timeline. About Kindermusik launching its free app and debuting virtual classes during the pandemic.

    Kindermusik helps private studios, school districts, early childcare centers, and more weather the pandemic by launching a free app, creating virtual learning curricula, and expanding digital support.

  • “Today” timeline illustration. About Kindermusik launching its on-demand training center in 2021

    We’re continually building our on-demand training center, offering more school curricula kits than ever, and changing the world one note at a time!

We nurture confidence and joy through the power of music.

We spread the power and joy of shared music-making as a vital learning experience for all young children and families.

We create shared research-based curricula that:

  • Empower educators
  • Strengthen family and teacher-child relationships
  • Enhance community connections
  • Build a deep-rooted love for learning
...while providing early development strategies that are memorable, playful, and fun.

Core Values

As teachers, parents, and early childhood advocates, we take our work seriously. These core values are more than words...they are the guideposts for our daily efforts—from answering phone calls and emails, to songwriting and lesson design—to make young learners a stronger, kinder, and more musical generation.


We follow the child in all endeavors. Kindermusik honors their individuality, potential, and best interest in everything we create and share with the world.


We believe in the power of family. Kindermusik is committed to strengthening parents and caregivers, and our family of employees, with supportive tools, creative guidance, and a listen-first attitude.


We believe music education is a universal birthright. Kindermusik provides inclusive, relatable, accessible, and powerful music-centered resources for children and families around the world.


We are always growing. Kindermusik creates experiences that grow with the child, adapt to new technology and marketplaces, sustain years of development, and fuel commitment to the best early childhood outcomes.


We infuse integrity into everything we do. From building new lesson plans backed with peer-reviewed research to being transparent on the phone, Kindermusik is always honest, trustworthy, and ethical.


We empower every person we reach. Kindermusik will always support children, families, educators, employees, and more with the tools they need to help boost a lifetime love of learning.


We are innovative. From in-class curricula to tech platforms, Kindermusik creates research-based, nuanced, enjoyable content to help promote user-friendly experiences and support whole-child development.


We believe in the power of shared music-making. Kindermusik’s memorable music and movement experiences include grownups and utilize all areas of the brain to help children surpass important early developmental milestones and foster limitless creativity.


We believe joyful learning experiences are memorable, and memorable experiences support growth. Kindermusik folds joy into everything we do—from writing song lyrics to training educators to conversing with customers.

We’re committed to making sure every voice is heard.

Inclusive curricula starts with an inclusive mindset. As an early childhood company, Kindermusik is hyper-focused on the healthy development of children in environments where they feel seen, heard, and celebrated.
To ensure that happens, we:

Create content that incorporates a global perspective and acceptance of people from all faiths, ethnicities, cultures, and across all age groups and economic situations.

Actively seek rich and honest guidance from fellow early education leaders and families everywhere. Weave diversity conversation ideas into our classrooms, curriculum, and general conversations to help parents and caregivers address these important principles early and often.

Listen to what YOU have to say. We welcome feedback from children, parents, teachers, and communities.

Regularly meet with our inclusion task force (consisting of employee owners, educators, and families) to determine where–internally or externally–we can improve our practices.

Some of us are musicians, some of us are former teachers, and some of us are neither...but ALL of us are passionate about helping children grow to be lifelong learners, and supporting their teachers and families along the way. We love what we do. And if you believe in the power of music and movement education as much as we do, we’d love for you to join us!

Try Kindermusik for your family or in your teaching space.

From classes hosted by private studios, to in-school programs, to on-demand training, we support children, teachers, and families around the world through the research-proven power of music and movement curricula.

Kindermusik schools curriculum kit with instruments, props, books, and teacher binders. About Kindermusik curricula for schools and early learning environments.


For schools and early learning environments

Kindermusik accredited educator singing and using hand motions during class. About Kindermusik on-demand training.


For early education and music professionals

Female preschool student pointing to ear and singing during Kindermusik class. About Kindermusik’s commitment to inclusivity.

We're a family.

Some of us are musicians, some of us are former teachers, and some of us are neither...but ALL of us are passionate about helping children grow to be lifelong learners, and supporting their teachers and families along the way. We love what we do. And if you believe in the power of music and movement education as much as we do, we’d love for you to join us!

We’re based in North Carolina, but we spread the power of music around the world.

Let’s connect! We’d love to help you find what you need, when you need it, wherever you are.

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